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New Printing Options

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New Printing Options

News item dated 13-03-12

New features recently added are the ability to print league fixtures in grid format* and tournament fixtures in knockout format.

* Darts league administrators, to enable the grid format, you must first go into the teams option, and choose a two character abbreviation for each darts team.

Printing is determined by your browser print settings, and we can't alter that, but if you use the new internet explorer, my big tip is: Rather than clicking the print button, select the 'print preview' option from the dropdown menu, click landscape/portrait icon if you need to change the format, then use the 'shrink to fit' dropdown menu to choose 'Custom', then just type in the enlargement % by trial and error until the preview is as big as it can be on the page.

Now press the print icon.

All other browsers have similar features.